Black Yoga Pants January 23 2014

Check out our Black Yoga Pants, they're made of bamboo and super comfy. So many of my friends tell me that they don't want to take them off! You can practically live in them, lol. 

For yoga, these pants are great because they will not restrict your movements and they aren't too revealing. No-one is going to see through these pants! 

I like doing acro-yoga in my black yoga pants, some of my favorite acro poses are: full bow, throne, scorpion on down dog, birdy and bat. If you haven't tried acro yet, you're missing out!

Here in Vancouver we wear a lot of black yoga pants, in the winter it's cloudy and rainy all the time, sigh. Oh well, lots of time for my yoga practice. In the summer I like to do acro at kits beach. We're going to be hanging out there a lot this summer and you might see lots of people wearing our clothes! 

Besides, black yoga tights, I'm going to be coming out with Capris in the springtime! I'm really excited about them, they're going to look fantastic. Capri's are similar to black yoga pants except they are 3/4 length and there is a thicker waistband. 

These black yoga pants that you see on the left are not only great for yoga, but also as casual wear, workout wear and some girls (like me) use them for dressing up! Super ultra purpose. I know, right!