New Moon Wishes December 07 2015

New Moon Wishes


Dec 11th 2015 marks the New Moon in Sagittarius.

New moons mark the time in the cycle of the moon when it is in conjunction with the sun. They are completely in line with each other and so it is not visible from Earth, only during the time when there is an eclipse during a new moon are we able to see the new moon.

Fun Fact: This is a very special time in the calendar and it is when most women traditionally would be on their cycle. Women would ovulate with the full moon and on the new moon would menstruate. That is why it is commonly called ‘ moon cycle’. Through various breath exercises and yoga practices women can realign their cycle to be in sync with the moon.

We live by the sun but make magic by the moon. As previously discussed in the last blog. Full moons are a time to release all that no longer serves us. That which we wish to let go of. Well, once we have created space from letting go we need to fill that space with everything we do want. It is during the new moon that we manifest all that we want to bring into our lives , and replace that which we do not want. It is a transmutation of energy, from darkness to light, from impure to pure, from old to new.

This new moon is under the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a great teacher and the energy around this sign is that of a free spirit, a traveller and one can will do whatever adventure they feel necessary to accomplish their goals. However, with this free, unbounded energy comes power and it is with the bow and arrow that one channels this energy. To have their eyes set on a goal and to use the strength and might to pull the bow to launch this dream into reality. It takes precision and focus but it will get there with the right mix of effort, focus and dedication.

For this reason we have included a new moon wish ceremony. To help to bring in all your desires and wishes, and to channel this powerful energy that is circulating in the cosmos right now. Additionally, we have gifted you a beautiful Kundalini Yoga new moon meditation.

For the ceremony it is preferable to wear white/ light colored clothing. Wearing white expands the aura and includes all of the colors of the rainbow. It also represents purity and sacredness. To have an effective ceremony, it is about intention and about putting yourself in the right frame of mind and space to work on your intention.

For the Kundalini yoga Meditation is it also advised to wear a white head covering as this helps to protect the crown chakra from outside influences and protects the hair which is an extension of the nervous system. In addition, it creates a feeling of security and helps to keep the energy contained that you elevate with the meditation.

Zyza offers a variety of natural organic bamboo clothing. To support your sacred practice, here is the link to check out local, hand made items.


New Moon Wishes Ceremony

For supplies you will need:

A shower and your shower supplies



2 Candles + Lighter

Sage (white sage if possible)

Cloth ( to put objects on)

White Clothing and white head covering


1)  Set Up:  Make sure you wont be interrupted, turn off your phone and dedicate the time you have set for yourself and this ceremony. Turn on some soft music in the background that creates a sacred feeling for you. Cover the floor with a cloth and lay out all the supplies. This will be your temporary altar. You can put crystals or other special objects that have meaning for you on it as well.

2)  Shower and Clean your body/ Aura:  Once everything is set up, take a shower. Wash your body and hair and use your favorite essential oils. Visualize the water coming from the shower head is glowing with white healing light and is cleaning away any energetic debris as well as physical. When your finished dry off and put on some white/ light colored clothing.

3)  Create the sacred space:  Cleanse the space with white sage, as you burn the sage and spread the smoke around the area say a prayer of healing and clearing. Then sage your body. (If you dislike smoke you can get sage essential oil and put a 10 drops in a spray bottle and use this method). Make sure to get the bottom of the feet, the hands and the back of the heart.

4)  Invite the Divine in:  Light the 2 candles and invoke the divine to be present in the space and ceremony with you. (The divine can be Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Nature, Light- whatever you feel the most connected to). Ask them for their assistance in the ceremony and if they have any guiding insights to give you at that moment. Then listen and feel the presence.

5)  Write:  Take the pen and paper and write down all of your wishes that you wish to bring into your life . They can be short or long term goals. But write them down. Internal or external desires. Be attentive of what you ask for because it will come, but may not always come as expected. Write in a positive tone in the present tense. As though you have already acquired what you desire. Such as: I am happy, I am beautiful. Avoid writing in future tense: I will be, I want to be.

6)  Visualize:  See yourself with your wishes manifested. How does it feel, sound, taste, and look. Engage your senses in the experiences and feel as though it is already happening here and now.

7)  New Moon Meditation:  Now lets practice a meditation that helps to create a positive reality. It creates abundance and prosperity. It will help us to be in a state of gratitude for everything we have coming our way from making our new moon wishes.


8)  End the Ceremony:  Thank the divine for this space and for the time to be able to create your reality. To choose dharma over karma. Thank the divine for its presence and for its assistance. Say any prayers for yourself or others. Ask again if there are any messages for you. Listen. Snuff the candles out and keep the piece of paper you wrote all of your desires on. Put it under your pillow you sleep on till the next new moon ceremony. For the next new moon ceremony take the paper and re-write it to include only the wishes not yet manifested, but the ones that have manifested should be excluded. This process helps to build energy and focus on your intentions.

This ceremony can be done every new moon with this format. Keep your intention strong and an open loving heart and watch the power of the universe work for you.


Written by

Thalita Angelika Forray- Param Dayal Kaur

Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher- KRI certified
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher- Vedantic Forest Academy (Sivananda)
Reiki Practitioner
Integrated Energy Therapist Crystal Therapist
* Currently in Shamanic Training